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Beyond the Horizon

  • Future Gold Coast Publication
    This publication summarises the key findings of the Beyond the Horizon report and provides an insight into key projects and strategies that are underway and crucial for the future success of the Gold Coast.
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Regional Development Australia (RDA) Gold Coast

  • RDA Gold Coast Regional Profile
    The framework created identifies five significant priorities for the region: economic diversity, investment and infrastructure, digital innovation, workforce and sustainable communities.
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  • Digital Work Hub Project Report
    This collaborative Regional Development Australia (RDA) Digital Work Hub Project between Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Logan/Redland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast has examined opportunities and challenges for establishing a network of digital work hubs across the SEQ study area.
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City of Gold Coast Strategic Plans

  • Corporate Plan
    The Corporate Plan identifies what the City of Gold Coast needs to achieve between now and 2020 to bring the City Vision to life. It is based on three key themes that reflect the advantage of where we live, our opportunities as a city and the importance of a strong community.
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  • Economic Development International Plan
    The International Plan is a ten year guide to developing a globally connected regional economy aimed at raising the City’s profile, leveraging partnerships, creating depth in priority markets and increasing inward investment.
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  • Gold Coast City Reputation Strategic Plan
    The City Reputation Strategic Plan sets out how we will align the city marketing and promotion with the plans, strategies and action of the City of Gold Coast and its partners and address how we will transform the Gold Coast and our city reputation into the future.
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  • Destination Tourism Management Plan
    The Destination Tourism Management Plan addresses the changing needs of the broader visitor economy, ensuring the sustainable success of the tourism industry and capitalising on key opportunities for the city.
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  • Sport Plan
    The Sport Plan details key activities to deliver sport infrastructure, development programs and attraction of high-performance sporting teams and events.
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  • Workforce Development Framework
    The Workforce Development Framework outlines the strategic direction to deliver a highly-skilled and diversified workforce to drive innovation and economic growth for the City.
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  • City Plan
    The City Plan is the strategic framework that represents the policy direction for the city and has a core role to play in protecting and enhancing the Gold Coast’s outstanding lifestyle by ensuring appropriate and sustainable development in the plan area.
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  • Transport Strategy
    The Gold Coast City Transport Strategy is the City’s blueprint for our transport network and will guide transport policy and future investment decisions.
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  • Culture Strategy
    The Culture Strategy presents three catalysts for change and four big ideas to achieve our vision of a city build on creativity and transformed by imagination.
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  • Ocean Beaches Strategy
    The Ocean Beaches Strategy consolidates a framework to maximise use, access to and enjoyment of the beaches and directs resources in the most appropriate manner to protect and improve the integrity of coastal elements.
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