Imagining the Gold Coast of the Future


Bernard Salt, KPMG Partner

Behold the Gold Coast.  Sixth largest city on the Australian continent.  Non-existent at the time of the 1954 census but today a metropolis of more than 600,000 residents.

By the middle of the century the Coast will still be this nation’s sixth largest city but  it will also be a city of truly metropolitan scale.

What will the Gold Coast look like in 2050?

Beyond the Horizon paints a picture of what this truly remarkable city will look like.

Beyond the Horizon: Outcomes Report

Beyond the Horizon: Update and Workshop

Beyond the Horizon: Full Report

Beyond the Horizon report cover


Gold Coast Strategic Plans

It is forecast that by 2050 the Gold Coast will be home to over one million people.

The City of Gold Coast’s strategies outline how the City will deliver an even better, more prosperous, and connected city.